Holyoke Public Library Event Calendar

Date: 3/7/2020
Time: 2:00 PM -
Title: Poetry by Dan Shanahan
Contact: Nancy Kocsmierksy, 413-420-8109
Location: 250 Chestnut St

Everyone is welcome to come hear Dan Shanahan perform selections from his new book of Holyoke poetry:  

The Ground We Stand On
Character of the Landscape
Landscape of Characters




"A library is a kind of ship               embarked on a sea of curiosity

Stored in its hold              the cargo of the world’s language

Hauled to the port of each generation"



Come hear this popular local poet share his poems and stories, including memories from the 1960's when he found this library a safe haven from grief. 

This event starts at 2:00 pm in the Library Community Room. 

www.holyokelibrary.org            (413) 420-8101