Holyoke Public Library Event Calendar

Date: 2/29/2020
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Title: Going Paperless: Digitizing your Genealogical Research
Contact: Eileen Crosby, 4134208107

Digitizing years of genealogical research documents, notes and research logs may seem like a daunting task, but advances in technology make going digital easier than ever. Learn how using various electronic devices, as well as mobile apps, metadata and tagging, to digitize your existing files and work paperless in the future can help you become a more effective, efficient and organized genealogist. 

We have invited nationally-known genealogist and workshop leader Melissa Johnson to come to the Holyoke Public Library to conduct this live, interactive webinar. Limit 30. 

Please pre-register by calling (413) 420-8107. 

Melissa A. Johnson is a Certified Genealogist® specializing in genealogical research, lecturing, writing, editing and publishing. She focuses on forensic genealogy research, including locating missing heirs and providing due diligence in cases with legal implications. She also lectures on genealogical topics and is a frequent lecturer at historical and genealogical societies throughout New Jersey and the northeast.

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