Holyoke Public Library Event Calendar

Date: 7/14/2018
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Title: Franco-America in the Making: A book talk and reading with Jonathan Gosnell (Smith College)
Contact: Eileen Crosby, (413) 420-8107
Location: Community Room

There are twenty million French speakers and people of francophone descent in North America.  Although they are the fifth-largest ethnic group in the United States, their cultural legacy has remained nearly invisible.

In Franco-America in the Making: The Creole Nation Within, which will be released July 1, Jonathan K. Gosnell examines the manifestation and persistence of hybrid Franco-American literary, musical, culinary, and media cultures in North America, especially in New England and southern Louisiana. Gosnell’s research seeks out hidden French or “Franco” identities and sites of memory in the United States and Canada, examining institutions of higher learning, literature, folklore, newspapers, women’s organizations, and churches. This study situates Franco-American cultures within the new and evolving field of postcolonial Francophone studies by exploring the story of the peoples and ideas contributing to the evolution of Franco-American cultural identity in the New World.  Gosnell, Professor of French Studies at Smith College, includes source material drawn from the newspaper La Justice (Holyoke History Room) and the Franco-American Women’s Association of Chicopee.  Gosnell will describe his 10 years of research, share excerpts from the book, and discuss his findings. 

For more about the book: http://www.nebraskapress.unl.edu/university-of-nebraska-press/9780803285279/

Sponsored by the Holyoke History Room.  Free and open to the public. 

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